610 EUR

Are we growing wiser, or just growing old?

Size 57-58, dimensions: ca.60x47x70mm

Materials: ring, silver, lava stone, quartz, resin, pigment.

The ring is part of the collection "Here and Now". It is a one of a kind piece, made entirely by the artist.

Here and now

Time, a dark thing in life, flying too fast or sliding too slow. I often wonder whether time is my friend or my enemy. I am always late, trying to postpone getting old, but always in a hurry to experience more of this life. Always tired, always on the road, running towards a sad finish-line: death, but permanently wanting to stop, get some sleep, smell the flowers and just breath. Sometimes, all I wish is for time to pass, so a new thing can happen, but when things are good, I try to hold on to a certain second for as long as I can. The present moment seams to be always slipping away. I am looking forward to the future and I am trapped in the past. Here and now are the only things we should experience, and yet, this is the most difficult thing to do. The present is a concept so difficult to truly understand, full of hope, a small spark of light in the darkness of time.